Traditional Chinese Dress:The ultimate guide

Traditional Chinese dress is known as the national essence of China and the representative of Chinese dress, which is a valuable treasure created by the Chinese nation and human society. Traditional costumes were revered in different colors and styles in different dynasties, reflecting the characteristics of their dynasties. Traditional Chinese Dress History Traditional Chinese Dress: …

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how to clean qipao

how to clean qipao with different fabric

Different qipao dress fabric with different maintenance and washing method, choose the right maintenance way, in order to make your cheongsam forever like new! The common qipao fabrics are: silk, double palace silk, fragrant yarn, Song brocade, Su brocade, here we will introduce how to clean qipao and storage them with different  fabrics. Silk Qipao Silk qipao fabric characteristics: Natural protein fiber, silk qipao …

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Chinese Traditional Dress- Horse Face Skirt

The horse-faced skirt(Mamianqun) first came into focus when Dior released a bustier skirt that resembled a Chinese horse-faced skirt and was questioned by many netizens for being a copy of the Chinese horse-faced skirt. As the “plagiarism door” incident continued to ferment, the horse-faced skirt began to enter people’s view, and the “horse-faced skirt” incident deeply …

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hui custom

 Chinese Traditional Dress-Hui Costume

 The culture of Hui costume has been born and developed in conjunction with the diverse community of Hui. The Hui people usually refer to dress as “clothing” and “wearing”. From the time when the ancestors of the Hui appeared in China with their neat and gorgeous clothes, unique headgear, and exotic images reflecting the degree …

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chinese traditional dress feature

Chinese traditional dress features

Traditional Chinese clothing is divided into two categories: Chinese style clothing and Western style clothing. Chinese clothing ` Western-style clothing by thousands of years of historical accumulation, the formation of a distinctive style and system, in the style, shape, structure, local features, decoration, color, pattern, aesthetic culture are different, with its distinctive national and regional. I. Style The …

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ming dynasty dress

Chinese traditional dress — Ming and Qing Dynasties

Costume in Ming Dynasty——restoration of the etiquette of Han nationality After Zhu Yuanzhang became the emperor of Ming Dynasty, in order to restore the etiquette of the Han nationality, he formulated a new dress system based on the principles of Zhou, Han, Tang and Song Dynasties and banned clothing style of the ethnic minorities, restoring …

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weijin dynasty shen-clothes

 Chinese Traditional Dress-Wei and Jin Dynasties

Table of Contents Demeanor of Wei and Jin Dynasties During the period of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the thoughts of Laozi, Zhuangzi, Buddhism and Taoism became popular. In the ideological area, Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism fought against each other and merged with each other. People began to show themselves through reflecting on their …

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