how to clean qipao

how to clean qipao with different fabric

Different qipao dress fabric with different maintenance and washing method, choose the right maintenance way, in order to make your cheongsam forever like new!

The common qipao fabrics are: silk, double palace silk, fragrant yarn, Song brocade, Su brocade, here we will introduce how to clean qipao and storage them with different  fabrics.

Silk Qipao

Silk qipao fabric characteristics:

Natural protein fiber, silk qipao fabric is good for human health. It is rich in luster, has a unique “silk sense”, feels smooth, comfortable to wear, elegant and luxurious. However, silk fabrics are naturally “delicate” and sensitive to alkali. Poor light resistance, higher strength than wool, but poor wrinkle resistance. It is not abrasion resistant. Choose silk fabric clothes to loose appropriate, if too tight or movement amplitude is too large, it is easy to cause “split silk” or “hook silk” and other problems, need to be careful care and love.

Fragrant cloud yarn qipao

Fragrant cloud yarn fabric characteristics:

Fragrant cloud yarn belongs to the original ecological traditional fabrics, warm in winter and cool in summer, very environmentally friendly, is the silk in the higher end of the species. The cloth is 100% mulberry silk, dyed and woven by the unique plant “mullein” in Guangdong, with more than 30 steps to complete, and more than 60 days to dye and dry, with an innate natural plant atmosphere, the color is simple and nostalgic, very suitable for classical charm of intellectual women. It is a national intangible cultural heritage. Fragrant cloud yarn has the characteristics of easy drying, wrinkle resistance and reversibility than ordinary silk.

Song brocade qipao

Song brocade qipao fabric characteristics:

It is also called “Suzhou Song brocade” because it is mainly produced in Suzhou, and the main feature is that the warp and weft threads show flowers at the same time. Song brocade has gorgeous color, exquisite pattern, firm and soft texture, color changes under the light, very gorgeous, thick and elegant texture, good wrinkle resistance and wear resistance. It is known as the “three famous brocades” in China, together with Nanjing Yun brocade and Sichuan Shu brocade, and belongs to the national intangible cultural heritage, which is a kind of traditional weaving technology on the verge of being lost and more complicated. In ancient times, it was a kind of imperial fabric, a noble representative, and flourished in the Song Dynasty.

song brocade

Su brocade qipao

Su brocade Fabric characteristics:

It is also known as “Suzhou silk jacquard brocade” because it is mainly produced in Suzhou. Unlike Song brocade, it is woven by modern machines, with more modern designs and large production. The color is gorgeous, the pattern is exquisite, soft and smooth, three-dimensional, the color changes under the light, very gorgeous, good wrinkle resistance, wear resistance is weaker than Song brocade, pre-shrinking after treatment. It is also natural protein fiber, which is good for human health.

The above qipao fabric cleaning way:

  1. cheongsam must be hand-washed with warm water below 30 degrees when washing, absolutely no long time soaking.
  2. The above fabrics are acid resistant but not alkali resistant, should not be washed with alkaline detergent or soap, it is best to use silk detergent or non-alkaline shampoo washing.
  3. Cheongsam must be gentle with your hands, not with the washing machine or hard scrubbing.
  4. When the sun must be hung on a smooth hanger, so as not to hang up the silk draw.
  5. Hanging in a cool, ventilated place, do not expose to the sun, inside out and reverse the sun.
  6. Cheongsam 80% dry when the pad cloth ironing, iron temperature should not be too high, so as not to yellowing.

Woven brocade satin qipao

Woven brocade satin Fabric characteristics:

The qipao surface is bright and delicate, the texture is tight and thick, slight bumpy feel, the color will change under the light feeling, very gorgeous, the texture is thick and elegant.

chinese traditional dress feature

How to clean woven brocade satin qipao ?

  • Brocade satin cheongsam has a fear of alkali, fear of high temperature and wet when the strength is reduced and other weaknesses, when washing to pay attention to the method, the best dry cleaning.
  • When washing cheongsam by yourself, you should use neutral detergent, soak in low temperature water for 15 to 20 minutes, then gently rub and rinse with clean water, should not use washing machine, should not use alkaline soap, should not rub hard.
  • After washing to gently squeeze the water, and hang with hangers, drip to dry, avoid sunlight exposure fading, in order to protect the qipao color of brocade satin, cleaning can be put in a pot of water, water drops of two or three drops of vinegar, dip 5 minutes to take out, the reverse side of the sun in the shade.
  • Sun to 80% then dry ironing, ironing qipao should not be high temperature, not directly ironing, must be covered with a layer of wet white cotton cloth and then iron.

Velvet fabric qipao

Velvet fabric characteristics:

1 Velvet fabric feel silky, tough, very upscale.

2 Velvet and the human body has excellent biocompatibility, plus the surface is smooth, the friction stimulation coefficient of the human body is second only to silk.

3 Silk velvet qipao has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, and good insulating properties.

4 Silk velvet has the characteristics of moisture-proof and easy to clean.


Cleaning method for velvet fabric qipao

  1.  First with water to remove the floating dust of velvet cheongsam, and then into the water soaked with detergent (avoid alkaline detergent, should use neutral detergent).
  2. A large light rub the qipao, do not use the scrubbing board or brown brush.
  3. The cleaning should be done in one go, not halfway soak in the washing liquid, too long soaking will damage to the fabric fiber tissue and make qipao  easy to fade.
  4.  After rinsing, QIPAO should not be hard wringing, can be placed on the flat gently squeeze out the water, and finally put in a cool place to air dry.

Eugen satin qipao fabric

Eugen satin fabric characteristics:

Eugen satin is also called silk satin, warp and weft are woven with mulberry silk, the eight satin organization. Because of the use of all silk, so the texture is lighter and thinner than the general fabric, the silk body is soft, flat and smooth.

Eugen satin qipao cleaning method:

  1. Eugen satin qipao is not alkali-resistant, should use neutral enzyme-free or silk detergent.
  2. Do not use chlorine-based detergent soak in qipao weat, available with oxygenated detergent to remove color stains.
  3. Use squeeze washing, avoid wringing, squeeze to remove water, hanging dry, or folded in half hanging dry, do not be exposed to the sun, should not be dried.
  4. To use softener, maintain a soft touch and anti-static.
  5. Ironing cheongsam drying to 70% to 80% dry, and then evenly mist spray water, to be 3-5 minutes before ironing, ironing temperature should be controlled between 130 degrees to 140 degrees, the iron should not directly press touch the fabric, so as not to produce aurora, must be covered with a layer of wet cloth and then iron, to prevent high temperature to make the silk brittle, or even burnt.
  6. The storage boxes, cabinets need to keep clean, dry, to prevent dust pollution, do not sprinkle deodorant or perfume, do not place mothballs.

Ayala qipao

Ayala fabric characteristics:

how to clean qipao

Aya, thin light can pass through to make it shiny and light. Common varieties of damask fabrics are flowering vegetation damask, wide ling, interwoven damask, nylon cotton damask, etc., damask fabric color light beautiful, soft to the touch.

How to clean Ayala qipao?

  1.  Use alkaline weak, hard water resistant silk and wool special detergent or dishwashing detergent, it is best not to use strong alkaline poor quality laundry detergent or laundry slurry
  2.  Lightly rubbed in warm water, scrubbing can be appropriate.
  3.  Generally should not be machine wash, not to brush.
  4. After washing, do not twist to prevent the displacement of silk wisps, silk surface faulty, pulling silk.
  5. Silk protein molecules in the sun will be photochemical reactions cause yellowing and brittle damage, so only dry in the shade, should not be exposed to the sun.
  6. Silk is easy to wrinkle, ironing after washing is necessary, the appropriate temperature can also make the drying of coarse hard feel soft as before, but the temperature exceeds 130 ℃ will lead to yellowing.
  7. Do not spray water when ironing ayala qipao, in order to prevent the production of water marks affect the beauty.

Heavyweight silk qipao

HEAVY SILK Fabric characteristics:

Heavyweight silk is a fashion fabric made of twice the amount of ordinary silk fabric and worsted by special technology, which not only has the characteristics of ordinary silk fabric, but also has the characteristics of no shrinkage, brace and easy to finish. The quality of heavy weight silk fabric is really higher than ordinary silk fabric, especially heavy weight silk fabric is extremely difficult to hang, which is incomparable to other silk fabrics.

How to clean heavyweight silk qipao ?

  1. Dark silk cheongsam should be washed separately from the light color.
  2. Sweat wet silk cheongsam should be immediately washed or soaked with water, do not use more than 30 degrees of hot water washing.
  3. When washing qipao, to use acidic detergent or light alkaline detergent, preferably with silk special detergent.
  4.  The qipao is best to wash by hand, avoid wringing or brushing with hard, should be lightly rubbed and cast clean with water, gently squeeze out the water by hand or towel, dry in the back shade.

Linen fabric qipao

Fabric characteristics:

Breathable, with a unique sense of coolness, sweat does not stain the body, feel rough, easy to wrinkle drapability is poor. Hemp fiber stiff, poor holding power. Most conventional clothing using cotton and linen blend fiber, to avoid the shortcomings of a single hemp fiber, while increasing the degree of softness of the fabric.

How to clean linen fabric qipao ?

  1. Use alkaline detergent.
  2. The Linen fabric qipao washing temperature can not be too high, hemp fabric coloring poor, washing temperature is too high easily caused by color loss, so that it loses its original color, the general washing temperature selection 40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.
  3. Linen fabric qipao like rubbing, not wringing, in the rinsing to avoid wringing, otherwise it is easy to cause the fabric tissue slip deformation, affecting its appearance effect.
  4. The Linen fabric qipao washing time should not be too long, to 10-15 minutes is appropriate.
  5. Linen fabric qipao is pure natural fabrics, not wrinkle-resistant, random folds are exactly the temperament of cotton and linen, but as long as the local spray some moisture, wait for the water to dry clothing will also be flat.
  6. Do not expose to the sun in the hot sun, after washing, as long as the wind can be dried in the flat, do not need another ironing.

Cotton Cheongsam

Cotton cheongsam fabric characteristics:

Good moisture absorption, soft feel, wearing health and comfort, wet state strength than dry state strength, but the overall firm and durable, good dyeing performance, soft luster, natural beauty, alkali resistance, high temperature alkali treatment can be made into mercerized cotton.

Cotton Cheongsam washing method:

  1. Cotton fabric is good alkali resistance and heat resistance, available in a variety of detergents, hand wash machine wash but not chlorine bleach.
  2. Do not soak cotton qipao when cleaning, wash in time, and other clothing separate washing.
  3. Soaking time should not be too long, to avoid fading.
  4. Do not wring.
  5. Cotton qipao should be dry in the shade, avoid exposure to the sun, so as to avoid fading of dark clothing, drying in the sun, the inside will face out.

Wool fabric qipao

Wool fabric qipao characteristics:

Protein fiber, soft luster and natural feel, more elastic than other natural fibers, good wrinkle resistance, good crease forming and shape retention after ironing. Good warmth, good sweat absorption and breathability, comfortable to wear.

Wool fabric qipao washing method:

Wool fabric qipao can not be washed, water washing is easy to lose hair, shrinkage and deformation, the best dry-cleaning.

 If there are no conditions often dry cleaning, you can follow the following way reference washing:

  1.  Wool fabric qipao is not alkali-resistant, you should use a neutral detergent, preferably using a wool-specific detergent.
  2.  Cold water for a short time to soak, Wool fabric qipao washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees.
  3. Use squeeze washing,Wool fabric qipao should not be twisted, squeeze to remove water, flat and dry, do not explode the sun.
  4. Wet state shaping or semi-dry when shaping Wool fabric qipao, can remove wrinkles.
  5. It is recommended to use the drum washing machine, should choose a light wash gear.
  6.  Covered with a layer of wet white cotton cloth before ironing, to prevent high temperatures make the silk brittle, or even burnt.

Blended fabrics qipao

Blended fabrics fabric characteristics:

Compared with the single material fabric, the fabric mixed by different materials is called blended fabric. Blended fabric overcomes the weakness of single material, has better elasticity and abrasion resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, has the characteristics of stiffness, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, fast drying, cannot be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water.

How to clean blended fabric qipao

  1.  According to the qualities of different blended fibers, qipao should use special laundry detergent, such as silk and linen detergent, silk and brocade detergent, cotton and wool detergent, etc. It is forbidden to use chlorine and enzyme containing detergent products.
  2. After washing, do not expose to sunlight, cheongsam please lay flat to dry.
  3.  In order to wear the effect of more perfect, before wearing should be ironed.
  4. It is appropriate to dry in the shade, avoid exposure to the sun, so as to avoid fading of dark clothing.
  5. When drying in the sun, put the qipao dress inside facing out.
  6. If not wear, can be washed and dried cheongsam stacked neatly or hang, placed in the cool ventilation.
  7. cotton, linen, silk and other coated fabrics do not need iron. Do not use hard brush or hard rubbing, to prevent the fabric from pilling. Do not squeeze after washing, colored fabrics do not use hot water ironing.
  8. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, will reduce the fastness of wear, easy to make the cheongsam fading or yellowing.

Old embroidery fabric qipao dress

EMBROIDERY Fabric characteristics:

Old embroidery fabric, is pure hand embroidery fabric, is a wonderful precipitation of the years, both traditional art style, but also multilateral and flexible expression, primitive and simple, is a traditional handicraft in the modern art of the show, the finished product is exquisite and delicate, expensive value.

How to clean blended fabrics qipao?

  1. When washing, pay special attention to the surface of the embroidery, if there is any stain, dry cleaning is recommended, water washing will make the embroidery fade and the color become lighter.
  2.  When storing Old embroidery fabric qipao dress, the ambient temperature should be between 15℃-20℃.
  3.  Try to seal and avoid light to place in a clean air place, use vacuum cleaner to clean the house regularly.
  4. Avoid direct sunlight.

Heavy hand craft fabric qipao

Heavy hand craft fabric fabric characteristics:

Heavy hand craft fabric, in order to make the clothing modeling exquisite and beautiful, often added in the fabric surface hand totem embroidery, embroidery patchwork, hanky embroidery, patchwork embroidery, bead embroidery and other multiple processes, is a high-grade fabrics, production process is tedious, is a combination of modern elements and ancient traditional elements.

How to clean heavy hand craft fabric qipao?

  1. Heavy craft cheongsam, cleaning, direct washing will cause damage to the fabric, not to scrub, dry cleaning effect is better, can reduce the damage to the surface of the cheongsam.
  2. Do not exposure to the sun with  high-temperature, dry in the shade, do not use the machine high-temperature drying.
  3. After washing can be put into bags to save or hang in the closet, cheongsam do not be pressed cover, so as not to appear wrinkles, affecting the wear

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