how to clean qipao

how to clean qipao with different fabric

Different qipao dress fabric with different maintenance and washing method, choose the right maintenance way, in order to make your cheongsam forever like new! The common qipao fabrics are: silk, double palace silk, fragrant yarn, Song brocade, Su brocade, here we will introduce how to clean qipao and storage them with different  fabrics. Silk Qipao Silk qipao fabric characteristics: Natural protein fiber, silk qipao …

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Qipao vs Ao Dai: A Comparison of Traditional Dresses from China and Vietnam

As cultures around the world continue to evolve, the beauty and significance of traditional clothing remain unchanged. In China and Vietnam, two iconic dresses are the Qipao and Ao Dai. Both dresses represent a rich cultural heritage and hold a special place in the hearts of those who wear them. In this article, we will …

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hanfu vs qipao

When it comes to traditional Chinese clothing, two styles that often come to mind are the qipao and hanfu. Both styles have played an important role in Chinese fashion and culture for centuries, but they have distinct differences in terms of design, history, and cultural significance. In this article, we’ll explore these differences and similarities in detail, helping you …

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Qipao Pattern: The Chinese Traditional Patterns in Cheongsam Design

The pattern refers to the abstraction and variation according to certain structure law, forming a pattern with regular and stereotyped characteristics and commonly used in people’s practical life. Traditional patterns are the essence of Chinese traditional culture and art, and have been developed in form and connotation after continuous enrichment. In cheongsam design, the use …

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FAQ: Qipao

what does qipao mean? The term “qipao” (also spelled “cheongsam”) is a combination of two Chinese words: The word “qi” in “Qipao” should refer to the meaning of the Qing Dynasty Cloth. However, in the relevant records of the Qing Dynasty, the general names for Manchu women’s clothing are “Qi dress” and “Qi cloth”. And “pao” meaning …

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9 Qipao(cheongsam) sleeve styles

At the beginning of the 1920s, at the end of the popular jacket and skirt clothing, the Qipao(cheongsam) quietly emerged and made bold improvements, which can be said to be a very remarkable revolution in women’s clothing, making the Qipao(cheongsam) among the ranks of the world’s clothing, becoming a distinctive Oriental women’s clothing.The Qipao(cheongsam) of the …

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7 main Cheongsam(Qipao) Fabric

Fabric is an element of clothing design that reflects the main characteristics of the garment, and the color of the garment is conveyed through the fabric. The texture of the fabric not only reflects the silhouette of the cheongsam(Qipao), but also conveys the cultural value of the cheongsam(Qipao). The unique silhouette of the cheongsam(Qipao) requires a more …

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