when are qipao worn?

The qipao is typically worn on special occasions and cultural events, reflecting the rich history and traditions of China, especially during special and festive occasions such as wedding dinners and Chinese New Year.And nowadays, qipao is getting popular as a fashion cloth to refect variety culture.

When formal attire is required

1. Attend formal occasions

  • Such as festivals, foreign visits, grand meetings, cultural performances and wedding banquets, family reunions, gatherings of friends, etc., are suitable for wearing cheongsam
  • If there are some occasions for banquets, especially when there are foreign guests, cheongsam is naturally the most suitable. While fully expressing etiquette, it also shows the traditional beauty of China.
  • If there is a wedding banquet or other celebrations, cheongsam is also very suitable as a formal dress.
  • One of the most significant times when the qipao is worn is during traditional Chinese weddings. The bride often chooses a beautifully adorned qipao as her wedding gown, symbolizing her cultural heritage and paying homage to her ancestors.
  • In addition to weddings, the qipao is commonly seen at formal events such as banquets, galas, and ceremonies. It is considered a symbol of refinement and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a touch of elegance. The dress exudes femininity and grace, with its sleek lines and sensual appeal. The wearer exudes confidence and poise when donning a well-fitted qipao, making it a popular choice among women who want to make a statement.
  • Furthermore, the qipao is often worn during traditional festivals and cultural celebrations. Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is a prime occasion to showcase this traditional dress. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the qipao reflect the festive spirit and bring good luck for the upcoming year. People of all ages can be seen wearing qipaos during this time, creating a visually captivating atmosphere.
  • The qipao has also found its place in contemporary fashion. Designers have reimagined this traditional attire, incorporating modern elements while maintaining its essence. Many women now choose to wear qipaos for a wide range of occasions, from casual outings to formal events. The versatility of the dress allows for personal expression while still honoring Chinese culture.

2. Daily wear

In fact, cheongsam is just a simple skirt, which is no problem for daily wear. In addition, the current design is becoming more and more modern and fashionable, and the daily wear of cheongsam is completely compatible.

In conclusion, the qipao holds a special place in Chinese culture and is worn during various important occasions. Its timeless elegance and cultural significance make it a beloved choice for weddings, formal events, festivals, and even everyday wear. Whether steeped in tradition or adapted for modern fashion, the qipao continues to captivate hearts with its beauty and grace


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