Four Main Qipao Style

Beijing Style Qipao

Beijing style cheongsam, also known as Chinese cheongsam, originated in Beijing, probably because it was born at the feet of the emperor, so it formed its restrained and stable characteristics, with a solemn and official atmosphere

In the selection of fabrics, thicker fabrics such as silk and satin are the main fabrics, and the colors are mostly darker and darker, with less printing

Even under the impact of Western fashion, the styles and patterns of Beijing-style cheongsams have not been affected. Most of them are knee-length designs. figure

The Beijing-style cheongsam has strong court characteristics, which makes it so unique among many cheongsams.

Shanghai style cheongsam

Features: enchanting and gorgeous

Shanghai-style cheongsam originated in Shanghai. It is a typical fusion of Chinese and Western styles. It is both traditional and modern. It was a unique beauty formed in Shanghai at that time.

Initially, the term “Shanghai style” was a derogatory connotation of some writers in Beijing’s criticism of some literati and style of writing in Shanghai. Now, when “Shanghai style” is used to describe cheongsam clothing, everyone turns the derogatory meaning into a commendatory meaning, full of envy and praise.

Influenced by Western thought, the collar and sleeves adopt Western-style treatment, such as lotus-leaf collar, Western-style lapel, lotus sleeves, etc., or double-breasted left and right. The pattern is made of complicated embroidery patterns or patterns, and the length and slits have also changed, focusing more on the display of body lines and the highlight of femininity.

This has formed the characteristics of the Shanghai-style cheongsam: it is high-slit, wrapped around the body, and high-collared, giving people an enchanting and gorgeous feeling.

There are many kinds of modern cheongsams, which are largely given by Shanghai-style cheongsa

Supai cheongsam

Features: Xiaojiabiyu

Supai cheongsam originated in Suzhou, influenced by the water towns in the south of the Yangtze River, it is more like a woman in the south of the Yangtze River, tender, warm, elegant and charming. People can’t help but think of the girl in Yuxiang.

The style is not much different from that of the Shanghai-style cheongsam, but the patterns are often exquisitely embroidered, with embroidered patterns on the neckline, placket, and cuff edges, and patterns are also embroidered on the body of the gown.


Its materials are also very particular. It uses silk and soft satin from Suzhou, which feels warm and delicate to the touch. When illuminated by the lamp tube, it has the luster of beautiful jade. Embroidery patterns reflect the exquisiteness of Suzhou embroidery, and plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, peony, and rose often appear.


It also incorporates the hand-painted art of the Wumen School of Painting, and the beauty of calligraphy and painting is integrated into the clothing, making the Supai cheongsam more charming.

Features: plain and simple

Cantonese cheongsam originated in Guangdong, also known as Guangpai cheongsam, known as the least cheongsam-like cheongsam, and also the least eye-catching existence in the cheongsam school. Therefore, when many people mention the factions of cheongsam, they will say that there are three major factions, which do not include Cantonese cheongsam.

Why do you say that?

Its style is simple and simple, similar to men’s gowns, so it is also called long gowns.

Compared with the cheongsam of other schools, the Cantonese style is very down-to-earth, often monochrome, without patterns, and without buttons.

Cantonese cheongsam is more like a custom in Guangdong. Women usually wear it as regular clothes, shopping for vegetables, cooking, housework and so on. Only on more important occasions, cheongsams with slightly more patterns will be worn.

Today, the school uniforms of some colleges and universities in Hong Kong, China still use gowns as school uniforms.

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