9 Qipao(cheongsam) sleeve styles

At the beginning of the 1920s, at the end of the popular jacket and skirt clothing, the Qipao(cheongsam) quietly emerged and made bold improvements, which can be said to be a very remarkable revolution in women’s clothing, making the Qipao(cheongsam) among the ranks of the world’s clothing, becoming a distinctive Oriental women’s clothing.
The Qipao(cheongsam) of the Republican era is a long robe type upper and lower one piece of clothing, fitted waist, reflecting the natural beauty of the female form, highlighting the curves of the female form and slender body. Qipao(cheongsam) does not wear pants inside, instead of stockings, thread socks and panties. The thin and transparent material of the Qipao(cheongsam) should be worn inside a white petticoat, which is also lined with white lace. In this way, the slimness and lines of the legs can also be shown in the slit of the Qipao(cheongsam).
The Qipao(cheongsam) is classified according to different classification methods, and there are many of them, among which the common classification methods are sleeve style and lapel shape. Today, we will share with you the changes of Qipao(cheongsam) sleeve style

Qipao(cheongsam) sleeve classification and characteristics

Sleeveless style is a universal model, regardless of fat, thin, tall, short, old or young, can manage the style. The sleeveless Qipao(cheongsam) worn by Maggie Cheung in her film and television work “The Flowery Years” is particularly classic. The most important feature of the sleeveless Qipao(cheongsam) is that it is cool and comfortable. The whole arm is exposed, so it is suitable for summer wear.

Zhang Mangyu in the “flowery years” there are a lot of sleeveless Qipao(cheongsam) wearing, more lined with people tall and slim, revealing a strong sense of skin at the same time can also be more prominent body.

2. Shoulder sleeves

Shoulder sleeves are slightly longer than sleeveless, it will be a person’s shoulders with clothing to cover up, but does not look very rigid, but and natural fit the curvature of our shoulders, so that the shoulder looks very soft, even shoulder sleeves can highlight the curve of the shoulder. For example, some of the Qipao(cheongsam)s worn by Tang Wei in Lust – Caution are shoulder sleeves.

The shoulder sleeves are slightly longer than sleeveless, it will cover up the shoulder with clothes, but it will not look very rigid, but naturally fit the curvature of our shoulder, so that the shoulder looks very soft and beautiful, the shoulder sleeves can highlight the curve of the shoulder. For example, some of the Qipao(cheongsam) worn by Tang Wei in Lust – Caution is even shoulder sleeves.

3. Small cap sleeves

If you are looking fat at the shoulder and arm area, but don’t want to choose a Qipao(cheongsam) with long sleeves, a Qipao(cheongsam) with small cap sleeves is a good choice. Because it wraps part of the hand, it will not look too fat. The disadvantage is that if the fabric used in the Qipao(cheongsam) is not stretchy, it will have a little bit of a stuck arm, limiting. Restricted movement.

Small cap sleeves and crescent sleeves many sisters are also confused, small cap sleeves cut, cuffs flat and straight, and crescent sleeves like a curved crescent, cuffs are curved, cut sleeve length than the small cap sleeves and then some short.

4.Four-part sleeve

Four-point sleeve is a common sleeve type, the length of about 28 centimeters, this sleeve type is ideal for women with more fleshy arms, can properly cover the arms.

5.Middle sleeve (five-point sleeve)

Middle sleeve is easy to show mature, more suitable for young women, so choose middle sleeve Qipao(cheongsam) to be more cautious. In addition, women with thicker arms are not suitable for middle-sleeved Qipao(cheongsam), which will look thick and short arms.

6.Seventh sleeve

Seven-point sleeve is a more suitable for spring and autumn length, the length of 40cm ~ 43cm so. The advantage of this sleeve is to reveal the slender wrist, and actually in early spring and late autumn when wearing the wrist will feel cold, late spring and early autumn when the seventh sleeve is a good choice.

7.Nine-quarter sleeves

Basically a Qipao(cheongsam) sleeve that only reveals the wrist, the length is generally 50 centimeters and above, which can well show the slender wrist, if with the right jewelry, it will look better. Compared to long sleeves, nine-quarter sleeves in autumn and winter with a jacket is more suitable.

8.Long sleeves

Long sleeves as we all know, the sleeve length covers the wrist, generally have more than 55 centimeters, but long sleeves are more provocative, very suitable for the temperament of the atmosphere of women, but the weather is colder, wear a long-sleeved Qipao(cheongsam) is warmer. Many people can not wear long-sleeved qipao reason is long-sleeved is mainly not enough to have the essence of the spirit.

9. Ruffle sleeve

Lotus leaf sleeve style is particularly nice, layers and layers, and Qipao(cheongsam) combination looks very fashionable and beautiful. Lotus leaf sleeve and small package sleeve length is not much different, lotus leaf sleeve just like the name, is the ruffle sleeve, very design, general ruffle is three layers of ruffles, layers and layers, like this sleeve can also try.

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